Timer Certification – Expectation Setting

There is a lot of excitement building for the RaceDay Timer Certification courses coming in January. This blog is about setting expectations for what to expect.

Certification means certification!

This is a Pass / Fail certification.

During the training day, we will review the technology, but the core time is hands-on (so bring your laptop). There are two major projects – one for RaceJoy and one for RaceDay Scoring. We will give you starter data and setup. You will then work with various parts of each product and complete a project. We will review all projects for completeness and accuracy.

What if I fail?

You will be able to take these projects home and the re-submit them to RunSignUp for review.

Why so Picky? I thought RaceDay Scoring was supposed to be Easier than The Race Director

We want this to be meaningful to races and to you. There is no requirement to be certified to use RaceDay Scoring. And it is simpler to use than The Race Director. It is also more powerful, and we want to make sure that timers who take the time to fully learn the product can claim some accreditation.

Also, to be honest, we are selling these products for less than our support costs. And we want to have better trained users. Certified timers will be the timers we recommend most to races.

Why Two Certifications?

RaceDay Scoring and RaceJoy are two separate systems with unique capabilities. With RaceJoy, we will be offering certified timers some very special pricing when they become certified so you can bundle it as part of your services to your races.

What is in it for the Timer?

Learning! Hopefully you learn a lot and it helps improve your timing business and the race day experience for participants.

RaceDay Scoring Certification Test

Here is a rough preliminary outline for this test:

1.Timer will Need to Setup and Demonstrate they can produce the Scoring for Defined Scoring Use Cases.
a. Data Sets will be provided by RunSignUp
i. Timing Data
ii. Registration Data
b. Use Cases:
i. Common Start / Finish
ii. Start / Finish / Split (Three Different Locations)
1. Team Scoring Event
2. No Team Event
c. Timer will use a RSU Timer Races setup for each Timer and for each Use Case
i. Import the Registration Data
ii. Setup the Streams, Locations, Scored Events, Age Groups, and Reports
iii. Score the Race
2. Export the Local Race and provide to RunSignUp
a. Freshdesk Support
b. Backups on Timer Dashboard
3. Automated Certification Comparison Tool of Timer’s Exported Race
a. Generates a Report that indicates if we need to review
4. Check In App
a. Demonstrate how to Check in and Change a BIB Assignment
b. Bonus Point if you do it
5. Photos
a. Demonstrate how to upload and tag photos for one of these Use Case Races
b. Bonus Point if you do it

RaceJoy Certification Test

Here is a rough preliminary outline for this test:

1. RaceJoy Timer Certification Race
a. We will setup a RSU event with each timer’s name
b. Course Map KML will be provided by RunSignUp along with USATF Certification
Document for that Course.
2. Load Map into Timer Event
3. Adjust map
a. Edit path: move start/finish
b. Miler marker adjustments
i. Based on USATF Certification / Signage Locations
c. Add Locations to map:
i. Water Stop
ii. Turnaround Timer Location (Training Needed)
iii. Proximity Timer Location (Training Needed)
d. Add Geo Based messages
i. New at different place
ii. At existing marker
e. Review done by Kevin Lai and Michael – Automated Comparison – Comes later if we
have time.
4. In-app Usage, Monitoring
a. Log-in using staff tracking instructions
b. View self and other timers in monitoring view.

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