New Email Marketing Template Option

We have released a new email marketing template option that is now the default for all new race email templates created in the RunSignUp system. In addition to the new email template, there are some ease-of-use updates for races to customize RunSignUp’s templates or provide their own.

The highlights of this update include:

  • Fully mobile-responsive design!
  • Updated look!
  • Social media links!
  • Ability to opt-out of automatic template updates!

Fully mobile-responsive design!

When RunSignUp released the first email template, some email clients could not correctly process responsive templates. Since then, email clients have advanced their capabilities and RunSignUp is taking full advantage of this with a fully responsive template. This means a single email template can be used for both formats, and emails do not have to be kept unnecessarily narrow to ensure they appear nicely in mobile formats.

Here are some previews of our desktop and mobile views:



Be sure to take advantage of this mobile responsiveness in your future emails!

Updated Look!

The new email template has a sleek design, with changes including: moving your race logo and call-to-action buttons to more prominent places in the display, updating the sponsor logo formatting and layout, and adding a drop-shadow for desktop views. We also updated our unsubscribe links to include them in the formatted email, rather than under the contents of the email.

These updates ensure your race is sending top-notch, professional looking emails to your participants.

Social Media Links!

If you have integrated any of your race’s social media platforms into RunSignUp, we will now automatically provide links to your social media in the email footer.


Ability to opt-out  of Automatic template updates!

We try to make things easy for you, and one way we do that is by automatically updating your email marketing templates with your race changes. Changed your race logo? No problem. Added a new sponsor? We’ve got it. Your email marketing templates update within 5 minutes to reflect any changes to your race so you’ve got one less thing you have to worry about.

Some races, however, want to use RunSignUp’s email templates as a baseline for their campaign, but then customize some parts of the email’s layout. In some of these cases, our automatic updating process was accidentally reverting some of these formatting changes, making it difficult for races to make significant customizations to the RunSignUp-provided templates. This new opt-out option gives these races the ability to easily let RunSignUp know they don’t want us to make updates to their templates, ensuring their customizations stick.

 In short:

The new version of email templates is a big step forward for the RunSignUp email system. Mobile responsiveness, improved design, including social media, and ease of use improvements will all help take your emails to the next level.

To upgrade to the new email template, simply choose the RunSignUp Default when you setup your email!

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