RaceDay Scoring Beta v0.3.3 Release

The RaceDay team has been hard at work in preparation for our initial production release of RaceDay Scoring next month!

  • Download the newly released Beta version that includes many new features and bug fixes. You can get it from the Timer Dashboard as described here
  • Access a new help portal dedicated to RaceDay Scoring with documentation and descriptions of features here – help.rdscoring.com
  • Learn how to use RaceDay Scoring with this new Getting Started page that includes some definitions of terms used in the product, and basic concepts here

This is a very exciting time for us as this product comes into its own. We have already seen it surpass The Race Director in many areas of functionality and are implementing more and more of its feature set with each release that we put out.

This product is still in open beta until it’s planned production release on December 18th, 2018 – if you are a timer and have not tried it out yet, we highly encourage you to do so with this most recent build – we think you’ll love it!

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