Early Adopter Program: RunSignup for Nonprofits

We are pleased to announce the early adopter program for three exciting new features:

As we look toward our second decade, we asked ourselves how can we help our customers more?

The genesis of these projects was customer input. Over 8,000 of our customers are nonprofits, and 95% of all races that use our platform are connected with a nonprofit. Our customers have been expressing a need for better technology for their nonprofits’ revenue generation and supporter engagement – the type they get from RunSignup for races, with a free platform and reasonable processing fees. Many nonprofits today are paying way too much for their CRM platforms that are disconnected from fundraising and disconnected from ticket sales.

RunSignup for Nonprofits expands our free all-in-one technology platform that provides integrated donation capabilities and an integrated CRM to engage supporters, from races to any nonprofit event or fundraising effort.

Nonprofit Ticket Events are designed to handle the many types of events that nonprofits hold to raise funds – spaghetti dinners, golf outings, galas, comedy nights and more that do not need full powered registration. And donations are built right into the ticket purchase process to maximize the revenue generated from your events. Read an overview here.

Donation Websites give nonprofits the ability to have a full website that has donations open all of the time. The flexibility we are building into this allows a nonprofit to have multiple donation websites for different purposes – for example a Giving Tuesday website, or individual websites or fundraising pages for top fundraisers.

Nonprofit Dashboard brings all of your races, events, donations and fundraising together with integrated reporting and visibility. Unlimited, free, and flexible user permissions enable your team, your volunteers, and your supporters to control, view, access, and export the information that they need.

All of these projects use the underlying services that RunSignup has built (nothing changes from what we do today). Initially they will be limited – hence the early adopter program to gain feedback. Here is a diagram that explains the concept:


Early Adopter Access

If you are a nonprofit using RunSignup today, then you can apply for access to use one or more of the new features. Simply apply here.

While this is new software, we have had early users since February, and have processed over $1 million of transactions on the new platform. We will be accepting new applications on a rolling basis as we get more feedback about the onboarding process.

Read more about our new RunSignup for Nonprofits technology:


How to Set Up a Ticket Event

Ticket Event Reports and Management

Advanced Features of Ticket Events


Nonprofit Dashboard


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