Overview: Nonprofit Ticket Events

This summer, we are releasing a new platform designed specifically for nonprofits alongside our existing race registration platform. This platform will allow nonprofits to create ticket events, organize run/walk/rides, collect donations, and view CRM data and reporting, all through beautiful, easy-to-design websites and dashboards.

The Nonprofit Dashboard lists all the campaigns, ticket events, and run/walk/rides associated with their nonprofit. Donations can be collected on the purchase path or front page of ticket events, from a run/walk/ride, or from a specific donation website. This platform is specifically designed for nonprofit events that are fundraisers or have a fundraising component, which is why we chose to include the capability to accept donations as part of event registration.

Nonprofits can use one or more payment accounts for all of their sources, and they can access detailed financial reports for individual events or for multiple sources. The dashboard has customizable graphs showing ticket sales, donation funds, and registrations over time. This will be different from other fundraising or donor management platforms because organizations will be able to use just one system for all of these functions (rather than selling event tickets on one platform and managing donations on another, for example). 

All of these features are free to use–the only fees we collect are processing fees. Like for our race registration platform, we will constantly be working on new developments for this platform.

The nonprofit ticket event platform is radically simplified from our race registration platform since for most events, it is not necessary to collect personal information. However, the new platform will have many of the popular features found in our market leading race platform, such as a free nonprofit event website with content management and the ability for nonprofits to bring their own domain for a URL that matches their existing website or branding. Other popular RunSignup features supported by the platform include donations, store add-ons during ticket purchase, and promotional tools like coupons, social media integration, and referral rewards.

Buying Tickets

Each nonprofit event comes with a free website to which you can bring your own domain name (GardenTour.com) or your own subdomain (register.gardenclub.com). This example shows three ticket groups (Garden Tour and two seating times for lunch).


As you can see, there are different ticket levels with different prices within the ticket groups.

Checkout is streamlined – click the number of tickets you want, click the customizable continue button and you are on the checkout page. You can customize how much information you collect from the purchaser and/or from each ticket holder. In many cases, you may just need their credit card information and an email address or phone number.


That is it! You get a confirmation page with our famous “Clear” option, which saves a ton of customer support for your nonprofit organization from people who realize they made a mistake. They have 15 minutes to clear the transaction and start over.


The confirmation email is simple and clear, and can be fully customized.


Confirmation codes are also easy to resend. We put a convenient “Resend Confirmation” button on your ticket website so attendees who lost their email can resend it quickly.



Donations can be enabled during ticket purchase or separately through a button on your event website, helping to maximize the revenue generation of your events. When you set up donations, a new button can appear right on your nonprofit ticket website:


This allows for stand alone donations. Clicking on the Donate button takes you to a configurable donation page that can show as many of the following items as you like:

  • Explanation of your mission
  • Goals
  • Donors
  • Donation levels
  • Donation use categories
  • Custom “on behalf of” wording

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 4.02.28 PM.png

Likewise, donations can be accepted during ticket purchases. This opens up the possibility of turning ticket purchasers into donors as well.

Customize Your Event

Color Scheme

Customize the colors of your ticket website:


Custom Logo

Once you upload it, your own logo will appear on the website, as well as confirmation emails and marketing emails.


Custom Banner

Similarly, you can upload your own banner:


Custom Social Settings

Link to your own Facebook and Instagram accounts:


Social Sharing

Social Sharing, which is located under the “Promotions” tab of the Event Dashboard, allows you to write default headings and messages for your event so that when the link or the event itself is shared to social media, it will already have a caption or an eye-catching link heading. At the bottom of the page, you should customize the images and message that is shared by participants after they register. We recommend uploading an image that is different than your race’s logo – we find that social sharing images featuring people having fun tend to do a lot better than a simple logo. Customizing the text is also an easy way to improve the viral share of your participants’ registrations on social media.


Here, you have the option to set an automatic pop-up, so when someone registers for one of your ticket groups, they are prompted to share it to social media or through email.


Custom Wording

We offer a wide variety of display options, including customizable words for the common elements on a nonprofit event website. For example, you may want to change the word “Event” to “Golf Outing,” or change the “Sign Up” to “Get Your Tickets.”

Here’s how to do it:


For example, “Sign Up” can be replaced by “Reserve Now”:screenshot-docs.google.com-2019.05.24-13-15-44.png

And this generic “Events” can be replaced by a more specific description of the events:


Store Items

You can also add store items.

Store items can be configured as a separate page and/or put into the ticket purchase path.screenshot-test.runsignup.com-2019.05.24-13-17-38.png

Store items can have multiple variants like size and color, nice display options like cross-out pricing, and flexibility to order in any combination. You can also set up inventory and the store will stop taking orders for that item when it is sold out.

These are just a few features of our ticket event platform. Read more about our new RunSignup for Nonprofits technology:

The Early Adopter Program


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