Symposium 2019: Timer Business

Similar to the rest of our products, our RaceDay suite and timer capabilities are constantly evolving, with new features being released. This year, we had two timers join us on a panel at our 2019 Symposium to answer some of your timing questions. First up is Scott Sutter from RaceInsure, where he’ll talk to you about the different types of race insurance and what they are used for. Then, hear from Matt McMorris of Green Leaf Racing to learn about why is is important to have some knowledge of your finances as a timer. The session will close off with some questions from the audience.

We’ve included the presentation for you to watch below, or you can head over to our YouTube channel to watch from there.

Looking to learn some more? Most of our slides from Symposium are now up on our slideshare site, and videos from our presentations will be continuously rolling out on this YouTube playlist over the coming weeks.

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