Symposium 2019: Creating a Community of Supporters

Supportive, happy customers are what helps your race grow. The more somebody likes your race, the more likely they are to speak positively about it to their friend. We had the opportunity to invite Nic DeCaire, of Fusion Racing, to our 2019 Symposium to speak about how you can create a community of supporters. Learn how to build brand that people love and how great customer service can keep your supporters happy. Fusion Racing puts on upwards of 100 events per year, with the goal to keep participants coming year after year.

You can see the full presentation in the YouTube video below, or go to our YouTube channel for the full collection of Symposium videos.

Looking to learn some more? Most of our slides from Symposium are now up on our slideshare site, and videos from our presentations will be continuously rolling out on this YouTube playlist over the coming weeks.

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