RaceJoy GPS Tracking and Poor Cell Conditions

RaceJoy is specially designed to work with varying levels of cell conditions to accommodate participants and spectators around the country and on courses in areas that have intermittent cell conditions. However, RaceJoy should only be used at sites where the Start and Finish and at least 70% of the course has good cell conditions.   

When a participant enters a nonfunctioning cell area, RaceJoy continues to send audio progress updates at every mile to the participant. This uninterrupted service is based on sending the information to the runner or cyclist using GPS technology, not cell (similar to training apps).  

However, when the participant enters a dead cell zone, spectators tracking the participant will not be able to track their position because cell service is required for the participant’s phone to deliver their position to others. When the participant re-enters a functioning cell area, RaceJoy will automatically determine the participant’s location and their blue tracking dot will re-appear on the course map. RaceJoy will also deliver any progress updates that transpired during the poor cell area, which include pace and estimated finish time.

See the live tracking:

Despite RaceJoy working in poorer cell conditions, it is not recommended that races use RaceJoy unless they have at least 70% of the course with good cell coverage.

The Race Start and Finish must have strong cell service and any and all relay exchange points should also be in functioning cell zones to allow team members to officially start their leg clock time(s). 

How to test cell conditions: For Races

We recommend that races use the Try RaceJoy feature that’s found on the entry page of the app to track a race staff member as they go through the course. Note: this will only give you information on cell conditions for the particular cell provider used by the member testing the course. Typically, Verizon and AT&T have the best cell service, but this greatly varies by region. If possible, find multiple staff members with different providers to best gauge course cell conditions. 

Manage participant expectations:

If you know that there are spotty cell conditions at specific areas on the course, we can add a graphic overlay on the map (as shown below) to help manage spectators’ expectations. Send us an email letting us know the mile points where poor cell conditions occur to info@racejoy.com

Race Monitoring: Store and Forward

If you are using RaceJoy’s Race Day Monitoring system to track the status of participants on a course with spotty conditions, RaceJoy will store the participants’ data when they enter a dead zone and then will deliver their performance information to your Progress Board when the re-enter a functioning cell area. 

Want to Offer RaceJoy?

Check to see if your timer is certified in RaceJoy for or email us at info@racejoy.com. More information can be found at RaceJoy’s website: http://www.racejoy.com.

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