Slideshow: Recruiting and Managing Race Sponsors

The RunSignup sponsor platform has a wide range of capabilities that help you process sponsor payments faster, promote your sponsors more, and manage sponsors easier. Keep sponsors happy by promoting their brand on your race site, as well as our runner tracking app, RaceJoy! RunSignup’s sponsor platform makes dealing with sponsors easy, so you have more time to focus on more things

In the Sponsor Platform slideshow, we cover:

  • What to look for in a sponsor
  • Creating sponsor agreements
  • Questions to ask a sponsor
  • How to create a sponsor
  • Sponsor statuses
  • Sponsor payment
  • Sponsor levels and offers
  • Edit access
  • Sponsor promotion on RaceJoy

Whether you’re new to the platform or just want a refresher on our sponsor capabilities, this slideshow will help you get on track to upgrade your sponsorship management.

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