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Ticket Groups and Levels Blog Series

GiveSignup ticket events offer flexible ways to display the ticket options to potential ticket buyers. Ticket options are categorized into groups and levels. ticket group is a category of ticket levels that correspond to part or all of a ticket event. At least one ticket group is required. Ticket levels are a sub-category of ticket groups, and are used to create different options or variants such as times or prices. At least one ticket level is required for every group. There is no one right way to configure ticket groups and levels for different nonprofit events, but there are some frequently used setups for common event types. 

Ticket groups and ticket levels are set up in steps 2 and 3 of the ticket event wizard. 

Setting Up Your Gala with GiveSignup Ticket Events

Galas are common nonprofit ticket events, and they are an excellent source of revenue for nonprofits because gala attendees generally expect to pay a high price for their ticket. Our flexible nonprofit ticketing platform allows you to create as many different price levels or purchase periods as you need for your event. You can create a simple setup, like this one: 

This example has only one ticket group with one ticket level. This would be an easy solution for a simple gala event that has only one type of ticket. But ticket groups and levels can also be used for other functions of your event, like in this more complex example:

Here, you have two additional ticket groups: Reserve a Table and Become a Sponsor.  You have to click on Register in the upper right corner of the site to see all the ticket levels:

For the Reserve a Table ticket group, both the ticket levels are set to require the number of tickets purchased at that level to be a multiple of the number of seats at the table (8 and 12). That setting is found in Step 2 of the ticket event wizard above the ticket level description:

Flexible Gala Setups

With this setup, ticket buyers have multiple options to choose from, and the nonprofit can collect sponsorship payments right through their event website. This flexibility is a core element of our technology for nonprofits. Every fundraising event is different, so we give your nonprofit the ability to configure your ticket groups and ticket levels in a way that works for you.

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