Tour De Donut Puts RaceJoy on the Big Screen

Tour De Donut applied a creative approach with RaceJoy‘s participant tracking at its recent donut eating cycling event in Troy, Ohio. Their timing company, Good Times Event Services (GT Races), displayed RaceJoy’s live tracking screens of the four cycling courses from their timing vehicle (shown below). This drew attention from the spectators and cyclists and added a level of innovation and activity to the event.

With RaceJoy, participants have their actual position tracked by supporting spectators as they complete the course using GPS technology. Timers and event organizers can also monitor their race field from the RaceDay Monitoring Dashboard in RaceJoy. From the dashboard they can project a full screen onto a larger display like the one provided by GT Races showing live blue dots and participant names completing the course. If you are offering RaceJoy, you might want to consider adding something similar to your event site on race day.

Tour De Donut

Tour De Donut is one of those events that is a natural draw for cyclists. Offering a unique experience of eating donuts to reduce participants’ finish time, Tour De Donut has grown from 106 riders in 2007 to 3,000 today. This is a fun-filled cycling event with four courses to choose from; 10 -mile, 20-mile, 40-mile, and 62-mile courses. There is laughter, costumes, live bands, and, most importantly, donut eating stations along the way. Each donut the participant eats reduces their finish time by five minutes. The Glazer specialty donut is worth a ten minute reduction.

The 14th annual Tour de Donut will be Saturday August 29th, 2020.

Special thanks to Tour De Donut’s sponsor of RaceJoy, the Great Miami Riverway and helping to contribute to a sweet day!

We will be diving into more about Good Times Event Services, who is a RaceDay Certified Timer. So, stay tuned!

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