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We’ve added 3 new documents to the Downloads section of our Press Page. The primary purpose of creating these documents is to establish our company’s identity, effectively communicate the power of our technology suite, and ensure brand consistency in our messaging, sales, and marketing. We hope that these will be helpful to our customers as well. If you are presenting RunSignup as the technology solution for one of your current or potential customers, you can use these assets. They may also serve as a guide in updating your own company or nonprofit’s branding, messaging, and collateral development.

The new sales and marketing collateral publications include:

  • Brand Guidelines: In the fall of 2018, we went through a branding exercisePeter Abraham led us through the process of updating our understanding of who we are – looking at the market, our partners, our customers, and ourselves. It was really hard and really good (and we would encourage any race organization to think about doing the same thing). You have probably noticed many changes to our websites (both and, emails, presentations, and videos, with our new style of high-quality photography and fun, creative illustrations that reflects our mission: To elevate endurance and fundraising communities with the art of technology. Our Brand Guidelines was created for RunSignup employees, and is an essential tool for establishing our identity and delivering consistent, on-brand messaging. We hope it is also helpful for other content creators and communications teams, and anyone wishing to pitch RunSignup to races or nonprofits that they work with.
  • Company Overview: This document provides a detailed overview of RunSignup and the highlights of our technology suite from Promotion to Registration to Fundraising to RaceDay, all built on a powerful CRM. We use a combination of tools to build documents like this. First, we use Adobe Illustrator to customize the brilliant illustrations that Maycon designs to bring our passion for endurance and fundraising events to life. For some designs and documents that we produce, we will use Adobe InDesign. For this Company Overview (as well as many of our blog and social media graphics), we used Canva. Canva is a great tool for novice designers, as it is intuitive to use and has a very good free version of the product.
  • Why RunSignup?: This is a deck of why endurance and fundraising events should use RunSignup. Like our Company Overview, it provides a general company overview and technology highlights but is designed for presentations or a shorter summary overview of our product. We typically build our presentations in Google Slides, as it makes collaboration easier than sending around PowerPoint attachments. We also designed custom slide templates for each of our 3 brands (RunSignup, GiveSignup, and RaceDay Scoring) so that we have consistency in our branding across all of our company’s presentations. Our slides for webinars, symposium presentations, and product overviews are all added to Slideshare as another resource for customers.

We hope that you enjoy our new collateral, and we welcome any feedback for improving our resources.

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