RaceDay Scoring September Update

Timers! Get the latest update on RaceDay Scoring with this webinar provided by RunSignup’s Matt Avery. Our developers are working at a steady clip to bring you the best scoring software in the industry. 

Some of the most recent changes include:

Added RunSignup Result Links in Report List Rows
For each Report that is sending results to RunSignup, we now generate live links to useful result pages online.

Event Distance now shown on Scored Event Form

Added a customizable full screen option for Recent Reads at Timing Location View
You can also view Recent Reads from any number of Timing Locations in one view.

Removed “No Streams Assigned” notice for Start Locations

Changed how the delete participant function works to protect participants with registration data from being deleted

Automatically clear Scored Reads for a participant when they are deleted.

Automatically lock Scored Reads that have been recorded manually

Automatically resolve Unknown Bib/Chip Data Issues when a participant has been associated with that unknown Bib/Chip

Automatically re-process raw reads for a single participant when that participant has been deleted.

Simplified Age Group action buttons

If you are one of the many timers transitioning off of older platforms onto RaceDay Scoring, then these monthly updates are a beneficial way to get the inside scoop on changes and get your questions answered.

Release Updates

You can also review release notes on the RaceDay Scoring blog page.

Race Director Timer?

Currently using The Race Director and ready to begin transitioning to RaceDay Scoring? Roger Bradshaw provides his guidance on the ideal transition process along with step-by-step instructions.

Are you ready for the future in scoring?

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