A Letter from Roger Bradshaw

Plans for The Race Director and RaceDay Scoring

To Current The Race Director Timers,

As we wrap up this year, I wanted to communicate some upcoming changes and events. 

Renewal Reminder:

First, I want to remind you to renew your license for 2020. The Race Director license is now part of RunSignup’s RaceDay Suite license. The RaceDay Suite license includes:

  • The Race Director
  • RaceDay Scoring
  • Delivery of scored results through RaceDay Results
  • Unlimited delivery of TXT alerts for splits and results
  • RaceDay Photos
  • Exclusive RaceJoy pricing arrangement for RaceDay Certified timers
  • Support Service

All of this is included with the RaceDay Suite license and can be used regardless of registration platform or scoring software. You renew your license from your RunSignup timer dashboard or by going to here.

The Race Director Future Plans

I’ve just released the 2020 version of The Race Director and I find it bittersweet to announce this is the last major version we will issue. The Race Director will be supported through the end of 2023. All new development is going into RaceDay Scoring. Our intention is to have timers using The Race Director to start transitioning to RaceDay Scoring, which is now on version 2.0. I know many of you have held off until it was further along, and I encourage you to now consider starting the transition. Many of the features you may have been holding back for are now included. 

RaceDay Scoring V2.0

There has been significant development poured into RaceDay Scoring and the new V2.0 key features include: 

·       Corral and Wave Management

·       Relay and Team Scoring

·       Aggregate Team Scoring

Here is a full feature list. New things to come include improved reporting features, supporting Cross Country and lap events, and pull tag scoring.  

I’m personally involved with the development planning and working with timers on making the transition to RaceDay Scoring, and I feel very confident in endorsing it as the replacement for The Race Director. 

Why Change Now?

I know many of you have your process down with The Race Director and it is easier to just keep using what you’ve been using previously. However, these two key features may be worth it to make the change and help with efficient problem solving and operations:

·      Auto Synching of Data: Dynamic synching of data from registration, check-in, bib changes, to scoring to results. 

·      Hybrid Capabilities: System seamlessly works in local mode and cloud mode, handling varying network conditions.

Dynamic synching of data means you avoid performing extra steps to make sure the data is being delivered. This translates to your not having to wait until packet pickup has ended or stress about last minute data pulls. Plus, you can tell your races that online registration can be left open longer, including for later corrals. The data flow is bi-directional. So, if you are using RunSignup’s RaceDay tools – like the RaceDay CheckIn app, Dynamic Bib Assignment or RaceDay Registration – when changes are made in these systems, they automatically update across all systems alleviating a lot of race weekend headaches and administrative time. 

Make the Transition:

I encourage you to take this “quiet period” of December to February to get your feet wet with RaceDay Scoring, and suggest you do this in three phases:

1.    Rescore previously scored races in RaceDay Scoring.

2.    Shadow score in RaceDay Scoring while you are using The Race Director.

3.    Use RaceDay Scoring as your primary scoring software and The Race Director as your backup. 

Here is a document I’ve put together to help with this.

Upcoming Training:

I’ll be hosting a live Webinar specifically on how to make the transition from The Race Director to RaceDay Scoring on December 19 at 2pm EST. You can register here.

Also, we are providing hands-on training and RaceDay Timer Certification at the RunSignup Winter Symposium January 13-14 in Orlando, Florida. I’ll also have a session on The Race Director. You can register here

I want to personally thank you for using The Race Director. I feel I’ve been in partnership with many of you throughout the years and have appreciated your openness and willing to share your ideas for improvement. I’m looking forward to continuing our relationship. Please feel free to set up time with me to discuss the approach that makes most sense for your timing company. 


Roger Bradshaw

Creator and Founder of The Race Director


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