Webinar Recap & Recording: Breaking Down Financial Reports

More than ever, race organizers are reviewing their financial reporting and trying to make sense of the numbers – particularly, when and how much they will get paid. Kevin and Bryan took some time to walk through the Financial Summary and Payment Account reports that you can access. If you missed it, we have all the content for you here.

Additional Resources

We know. All of this is a little confusing, and changes are happing quickly. A few resources to help you figure out what you may have missed:


– Chargebacks Explainer

– Chargebacks Update

Payment Policies & Reserve Requirements:

– Post Race Payment Policies

– Reserve Requirement Drops from 20% to 10%

– Chargeback and Financial Policies Update Webinar*

– Refund Processing Fee Waived

* Recorded before the reserve requirement drop from 20%/10% to 10%/5%.

Reporting Blogs:

– Understanding the Financial Summary Page (Blog)

– Payment Account Reports (Blog)

Reporting Video Explainers:

– Financial Summary: Transactions & Transaction Processing Fees

– Financial Summary: Transactions & Transaction Processing Fees

– Financial Summary: Sales Tax Remitted 

– Financial Summary: Refunds & Refund Processing Fees

– Financial Summary: Owed to Race, Payments, and Balance Owed 

– Financial Summary: Holdbacks 

– Financial Summary: Adjustments

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