Challenge Events Setup How-To for Timers

As events continue to introduce challenge events as either an add-on or alternative to traditional events, timers are quickly becoming the go-to person for setting up the events on RunSignup’s Challenge Platform. The recorded webinar below, provided by Matt Avery, gives step-by-step instructions on how to set up challenge events and create motivating milestone badges.

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The two main types of endurance-related challenge events include:

Open Ended: Where participants continue to accumulate mileage incrementally until the challenge finishes.

Fixed Distance: Where participants complete a set distance incrementally.

Each type of challenge involves different setup steps and things to consider.

This session covers the following key points:

  • Setup steps for open ended and fixed distance challenges
  • The importance of dates
  • Results setup
  • Selecting activity types
  • Adding milestones and badges
  • Reporting and results sorting

Matt Avery also covers how to set up a test event, which is highly recommended especially if this is the first challenge event you are putting on.

Challenge Events Setup Slide Deck


Timer Tip Tuesday – Fall Series

This session is part of RunSignup’s Timer Fall Webinar Series helping timers to prepare for 2021 – the year of Hybrid Events. This series provides timers with product training and insights on how to successfully support modified on-site events, virtual race anywhere events, and virtual challenges. Join us for the next Timer Tip Tuesday so you can hit the 2021 ground running!

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