Signup and Results Apps Retirement

We are retiring the Signup App. Since we released the app, the popularity of people signing up from their own phone has become much more popular. With the limitation of shared surfaces in the COVID era has severely limited the popularity of this app. And truth be told it was always less than 1% of registrations on a weekend coming from the app.

The Results App suffers from similar problems. In addition, we have vastly improved the RunSignup Results platform that is built into race websites for a much better user experience.

On the positive side, we will be releasing some major new and improved apps in the coming couple of months:

RaceJoy will have the ability to save your RunSignup Profile. RaceJoy has become incredibly popular during the pandemic with making virtual races more real, and brining more joy in sharing with real races. The profile saving will make it easy for frequent users of RunSignup to always stay logged in. In addition, it will smooth the use in virtual and challenge events so that bib numbers will not be required.

RunSignup CheckIn App – We have a new feature that will be released that contains a number of ease of use and functionality improvements to this very popular app. And witht he rise of live events, we expect this to be very well used in 2021 as the shift to Hybrid races happen.

NonProfit Ticket CheckIn App – We have a new and improved version of our checkin app that can be used at nonprofit events like Galas, golf outings, festivals and more.

Volunteer CheckIn App – We have a new app built just for our volunteer system also coming out in early 2021.

So, the sunsetting of the Signup App and Results App allow us to focus on where our customer’s needs really are for the Year of Hybrid in 2021.

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