Simplified & Customizable Dashboard Menu

We have been incrementally rolling out a simplified dashboard menu for race directors. We showed the simplified menu to new users a couple of months ago. We will be rolling out the simplified menu to everyone on Monday (don’t worry if you are a power user – those instructions are toward the bottom of this blog.

As our User Experience team says, this really reduces “cognitive overload”…

The latest release allows the display/hide of every menu item, so you can fully customize what you want to see. The setting will display across all of your races. Just click the little edit button at the bottom of each menu, and it turns to edit mode. The little “eye” is like a lightbulb – either on or off. Click on on, like the Postpone option and you will now see it as part of your custom menu:

If you want to see everything, just go into your Settings. This is on the drop down menu on the top right of your pages that shows your icon. Once the Settings page is open, just click the Show all menu items option:

We hope you like these new features. If you have more suggestions on our user experience, feel free to send an email to

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