The New Finish Line for Timers

As the industry continues to adapt to the challenges of Covid-19, timers have the opportunity to take a leadership role and help their events continue by offering a hybrid race experience. This includes a combination of race experience options, which may include scored on-site races with defined course paths, extended race dates, and virtual race choices. This Timer Tip Tuesday covers the impact to the Finish or post race experience and things timers need to consider in order to deliver results and supportive services for the varying race types.

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Topics Covered

RunSignup’s Crisp McDonald hosts this Timer Tip Tuesday, and covers these specific topics in this session:

  • Hybrid Race Trend & Definitions
  • On-Site Structure Options
  • Important Setup Steps for Results
  • Virtual User Submitted Results
  • Monitoring and Managing Participant Results
  • Scoring with Gap Factors
  • Awards Management
  • Key Points for Timers

Timer Tip Tuesday – Fall Series

This session is part of RunSignup’s Timer Fall Webinar Series helping timers to prepare for 2021 – the year of Hybrid Events. This series provides timers with product training and insights on how to successfully support modified on-site events, virtual race anywhere events, and virtual challenges. Join us for the next Timer Tip Tuesday so you can hit the 2021 ground running!

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