Welcome Jenn Levas!

We are happy to welcome Jenn Levas to the GiveSignup development team! Jenn has enjoyed a long and successful career as a software engineer (she won’t let me tell you exactly how long). For the past 12 years of her career she has been leading technical teams and building fleet management software for ARI. Prior to ARI she worked on varied projects as a freelance web application developer where she was able to understand better how to translate customer requirements to solutions. She is a “repeat offender” first meeting Bob back at Bluestone/HP and working with Bruce and Jeff multiple times.

Jenn and her husband live local to the Moorestown office with their 3 children.  The entire family started studying Taekwondo martial arts a few years back to form a connection to Jenn’s mom who is Korean.  Jenn ultimately earned her black belt!  While she claims to be pacifist and enjoys the sport as an art form, I wouldn’t test that if I were you.

In her spare time Jenn is an avid board game player (Settlers of Catan is her favorite) and book reader.  She loves all aspects of food preparing and sampling cusines from all ethnicities and is quick to make food and restaurant recommendations.  She loves the outdoors and finds her solace in traversing it on anything that does not have a motor (by foot, bike, kayak or paddleboard).  That certainly matches the way RunSignup likes to travel!

Jenn will be contributing to our newest innovations regarding our recently announced Supporter Engagement Platform planned for 2021.  This is going to provide our non-profit customers unprecedented access to analyze supporter data and gain insights to maximize campaign effectiveness.

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