Changes Coming for Payments by Check

GiveSignup | RunSignup offers event organizers the opportunity to receive event proceeds by ACH or by check. Our preferred payment method is by ACH, but we do offer payment by check and we will continue to do so. However, check payments are expensive to make and they become even more expensive if they are lost or have to be re-issued or voided. We use a provider for check payments called and we pay a fee for them to issue, mail, re-issue, stop payment on or void a check. 

Our policy for check payment is that you can receive a check as often as weekly as long as your event is owed at least $1,000 or when the oldest transaction is 90 days old. We also issue a check after the end of your event less any required holdback and then we issue a check for any holdback balance after any waiting period has expired. 

We are updating our check payment policy effective April 1, 2021 to reflect the extra time and expense that we bear for making payments by check. We will be instituting a cost of $10 for each payment by check. The cost to receive a payment by ACH remains free and we are encouraging all of our customers who receive checks to update their payment information to switch to ACH. 

ACH has many advantages, payments are made weekly for any amounts owed. The proceeds are deposited directly into your account and your payment is not subject to any mail delay. If you currently receive payment by check we encourage you to update your payment account to ACH today. 

To update your payment account to ACH:

  1. Log onto your account with payment account access, go to your profile, and click on Payment Account (under Director Links).
  1. Click on the Manage link for the appropriate payment account.
  2. The Manage Payment Account page will be shown. Click on the blue Edit button under Payment Method to change to ACH/Direct Deposit.
  1. Select the Payment Method drop-down menu and choose Direct Deposit.
  1. Enter the Bank Routing Number and Account number then Save Changes.

Updating the Payment Frequency

If you want to change the frequency of your payment to receive checks monthly, you can also do that from your payment account.

To start, follow steps 1 & 2 above to access the payment account. From there, select the “Settings” tab and click on “Change Frequency”.

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