0-60 for the Endurance and Nonprofit Event Community

It seemed like the whole country went from 60 mph to 0 in March, 2020 for our endurance and nonprofit customers putting on events. Here we are in early June, 2021 and it feels like we are going from 0 back to 60!

One of the simple charts we have is showing the total $ our customers have generated on our platform as compared with 2019 on a month to month comparison (and June is starting off well, too!)

We are seeing more new events getting created compared with 2019 as well:

And there is a big wave of “catch-up” being done with events being renewed:

We were also at the Scott Coffee Rotary Run that inspired us to start RunSignup in 2010 this past weekend and recounted the fun everyone had in their first post-pandemic event.

We are beginning to hear stories of “supply chain” issues for events. Most timers were not able to keep all of their staff and some have gone onto other careers (we recently hired a former timer as an example). Delays in shirts from China. Availability of venues and caterers for galas. And as more and more vent directors begin to enter into the planning stages, it creates further pressures on the supply side.

The good news is that overall we are coming back. We saw this Jimmy Fallon video back in front of his live audience and celebrating the comeback of Broadway in the fall, and it made us think about how excited your supporters are to get back to your events.

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