Ending Simple Private Email Option, and sunsetting some referral tracking codes

We will be removing the feature to have simple private email labeling that uses your “Reply to” address as your “From” address since Google has recently begun blocking all emails set up this way to Gmail accounts.

We had introduced this simplified version years ago, but with the increased security scrutiny Gmail has ended support for this. In essence, this simple version allows scammers to send email that looks like it comes from a legitimate source without proper authentication. We provided this simple service since email clients like Gmail and Outlook supported it when we released the feature. Recently, we have gotten reports that GMail is doing automated unsubscribes.

The Advanced Private Labeling still is available. That feature ensures the email address owner is verified and authenticated.

Conversion Codes

We will also be removing the very low use conversion and remarketing codes. As you have been reading in the press, and we have highlighted in our “Facebook vs. Apple” blog updates, these codes are increasingly less relevant. And a number of these services are going out of business. This will also make our service simpler to maintain and support and ensure security. Here is the current list which we will narrow considerably in the coming weeks (we will certainly keep Google and Facebook and a couple of others). If you have specific feedback about ones that work particularly well for you, please let us know ASAP.

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