RaceDay Scoring for Teams: Training Series for Timers

Version 3.0 Overview l Relay Teams l Aggregate Teams

Timers are invited to get up to speed on the new 3.0 TEAM release of RaceDay Scoring by watching the series of timer training webinars below. Topics include a general overview of version 3.0, Relay Teams, and Aggregate Team scoring.

RunSignup’s Matt Avery walks through how to setup RaceDay Scoring and provides important tips along the way. Timers can set up one-on-one training for additional guidance geared towards individual needs.

Below is a general overview of all the new changes included in the 3.0 team release of RaceDay Scoring.

This is a valuable training session on using RaceDay Scoring for Relay Team events.

Below is an instructional webinar on using RaceDay Scoring for Aggregate Teams, including Corporate Teams.

Timers can access upcoming and past recorded sessions on RunSignup’s Webinar calendar page.

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