Donor Covered Fees

GiveSignup is a free platform for nonprofits, with no monthly or subscription fees. We only make money from processing fees that you can absorb or pass on to your supporters so that your nonprofit can get free websites, free domains, free CRM, free email marketing, free Facebook Fundraising integration, and free DIY fundraising.¬† When you […]

Option for Participant to Pay Donation Processing Fee

We have had the ability to enable an option for donors to pay the processing fee for a while: You can now customize the text to ¬†encourage donors (or registrants) to pay the processing fee themselves: This is set under the Financial -> Pricing -> Processing Fee Type.  

Race or Runner payment for Processing Fees

We just did a count on the breakdown of race-paid or runner-paid processing fees. 85% Runner Paid 11% Race Paid 4% Split Clubs are a little more prone to pay the processing fee: 68% Member Paid 28% Club Paid 4% Split We will do another post in 6 months on this topic and see what […]