Help is Here!

HelpWe have fully integrated and updated our Help System.  This has been a huge project, and still lots more to do.  There are several important elements to this:

  • How To VideoContext Sensitive Help on Each Page. There is now a Help button on every page in RunSignUp. If we have detailed help on that page or topic, you will be taken to it. If not, you will be taken to our HowTo page and be able to search our Help system, Videos and Blogs.
  • Video Help.  We have over 50 professional How To videos.
  • Written Help. We are moving to incorporate written help on each topic and video for those who prefer to read rather than watch.
  • Manuals. We are rolling out a set of topic-based Manuals, for example the Wizard Manual.
  • Searchable Blog. With over 200 blog entries that are mostly written about new features as they come out, you will have access to the latest information as well as additional videos and explanations.

We realize that most of our race directors use the system only occasionally. So you need help and reminders for all the cool things you can do with RunSignUp that will make your race as successful as possible.

And as always, if you see areas where we can improve, let us know!  We love to hear feedback and ideas.

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