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Financial PaymentsFinancial ReportWhen you are looking at your Financial summaries and payment summaries from previous periods you may note a couple of anomalies.

One of the reasons may be that we changed the date range for payments being made about a year ago – so some reports may show a payment should have been made in week 4 and it was actually made in week 3.  In all cases, the totals work out completely.

Financial Report

A more common issue is how we have changed the Store Payments.  We used to hold the store payments until items were marked as “Shipped”.  This was to better accommodate  returns. However we changed this to making payments when items are purchased in the new system.  This results in the reports looking off.  You can see an example on the right.

The summary page is correct (the top screen shot), and shows the amount paid.  In this case $256 was paid in 2011 and $178 was paid today.  If you look at the first detailed report from 2011, it shows the Amount Paid as $256; but the Total is off, showing $190. In the second detailed report it shows Amount Paid to be $178 but the Total as $244. If you total the Payments, they add to $434 and the total for “Total” is $434.

So this is a one time occurrence that gets balanced out in the first payment that is made after the new Financial System went into effect last week, September 30, 2013.  All payments were made and made accurately.

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