RunSignUp Optimizations for Web Traffic

RunSignUp provides races with 4 major ways for races to get the most traffic to their website.

1. Your website! Yes, nearly half of the traffic for registration on RunSignUp is coming thru widgets that are actually on other websites. Having your own website is simply the best way to build YOUR brand and get awareness for YOUR race or Timing service. RunSignUp was the first and offers the best alternative for putting a widget into your website with only one line of code.  And it is mobile friendly!

2. Google Search.  16% of our registrations originate from a natural Google search – like “Scott Coffee Race” or “Mercedes Marathon” (you will see we are right below the marathon’s website. Our RunSignUp race page is optimized to give the best chance of being found by Google and ranked highly.  We do things like optimize the URL, offer you the opportunity to create your own URL, include appropriate tags and headers, and have the fastest and most scalable system, which Google ranks highly.

3. Facebook. 11% of our registrations originate from Facebook. RunSignUp has developed a number of integration points with Facebook to ensure easy social sharing. Facebook pops up a chance to share their registration with friends every time someone registers for a race on RunSignUp. And a number of races are building RunSignUp registration right into their Facebook pages.

RunningintheUSA.com4. Affiliates provide over 20% of registration originations. There are a number of races calendars, like the leading country-wide, that list RunSignUp races. They, and over a dozen others, automatically sync races listed in RunSignUp into their calendar each


There are also many local running stores and clubs that are using the RunSignUp Calendar Widget to display races in their area, such as Playmakers and RunningCo.

This all fits the RunSignUp model that the running community is made of many, many micro-communities that intersect – races, timers, running stores, running clubs, etc.  Our strategy is to provide technology that fits these running communities.

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