No Advertising and No Spam

No SpamSeveral races have asked us recently for help in marketing their races.  We offer a number of ways for races to help promote themselves (like giving you free email marketing, providing natural search, Facebook and Twitter integration, the best Mobile reach, integration with Google and Facebook advertising, Coupon integration with sites like Groupon and Living Social, ability to embed YouTube videos, etc.) and will be coming out with even more in the future.

But we do not sell runners names, we do not send our own email with suggestions for races to runners, and we do not sell advertising space on Some of our large competitors do offer these services with fancy names like Event Graphing and “intelligence” to bring event ideas to individuals. That is something we have ZERO intention of offering.  Our contract specifically does not allow this. We think runners are smart enough to decide on their own what they want to do, and there are plenty of targeted advertising solutions on the market already.

Selling names of runners that sign up for your race to other races just does not make any sense to us.

There are plenty of ways to reach your prospective community of runners. We are here to help with those ideas, but do not expect us to sell you ad space or spam runners.

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