“Software is Eating the World”

SoftwareMy good friend Sacha Labourey wrote this blog today – CloudBees Raises $23.5 M because Software is Eating the World. He makes the point clear:

“Software is not a tool that “helps” businesses anymore. Software has become *the* business. Everything companies do, from interacting with prospects, customers, partners, handling their production, creating business differentiation is either highly influenced or fully defined by software.”

As race directors, timers and event management companies, our customers do not have the technical expertise to keep the fast pace of technology development. It takes a lot of talent, expertise and focus to deliver on the full vision that is needed for races to be successful today.  Runners want to sign up quickly on the mobile phones, they want to change events, they want to share with friends, they want instant results.  And of course you need to find those participants and encourage them to sign up for YOUR event. How do you encourage donations and fundraising? All of these topics are hard to figure out and even harder to make sure you have systems that make it easy for runners and for race directors with little extra time.

The fact that RunSignUp is an advanced software technology company is the key reason why so many customers like us. Our approach is built on the concept Sacha talks about – Continuous Delivery. This means we are continually delivering new improvements to our system based on feedback from the thousands of races who use us. In 2014 we had over 1,800 “releases” of our system. Each one of those made our system a bit better. Collectively, they made it a LOT better.

You can count on RunSignUp to continue to evolve and deliver interesting new SOFTWARE that will help race more interesting and compelling! Stay tuned for a great 2015 of innovation…

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