Age Grade Tables Updated

Age Grade TableAlan Jones has updated the Age Grade Tables, and they have been approved by USATF. RunSignUp has updated these calculations in our system, so that future calculations will use this. Old results uploads will use the old tables.

If you are not familiar with age grading, you should really look into it – your older runners will love having this calculation – in the image on the right a 57 year old ran a 28:24 8K.  Good enough for a 90.4% Age Grade – better than the younger winner of the race! (I’m 57 as well, and very jealous!) And yes, RunSignUp automatically calculates this for you when you upload results with age and proper distance set up.

Note: All Masters standards/factors are as approved by the World Masters Athletics (WMA) Vice President – Non Stadia, WMA President, and USA Track and Field Masters Long Distance Running Committee.


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