RunSignUp Overview and 2015 Plans

futureWe will be giving a short presentation at the RunningUSA conference on Feb. 8, 2015. It is a company overview of our strategy, how customers have adopted RunSignUp and then a quick review of our 2014 accomplishments and what we have planned for the future. As an open company, we wanted to share that with everyone. Feel free to post comments and questions and we will answer them.

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  • What will happen to the GO IPICO platform with the recent acquisition of IPICO by Active Networks? Also, have you ever considered doing sign ups for Cross Country and Track Meets?

    • We are transferring all of those timers to our Partner Program. We have not heard any complaints from the 20-30 timers in the program, as most of them were using the platform because of RunSignUp and the integration with RUnScore and The Race Director.

      We do have a number of XC and track meets use us for registration. Some of them like us because there is no processing fee for free registrations. Some of them like our ability to have a single fee for an entire team and to set different team types and prices. Where we fall short is having nice integrations on the registration side for importing HyTek rosters or some of the newer systems people are using. To be honest that is probably a year or two away from doing really nice because we have so much demand from the road racing side of the business. Being old XC runners ourselves, we want to do some cool stuff here. So we will get there. And of course with the merger with The Race Director, we have a number of meets that use that product for scoring and results. We hope to have some advancements in that area in terms of posting online results from The Race Director later in 2015.

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