New Email Features – Draft, List Management and more

EmailAs we promised earlier, we are continuing to roll out improvements to the new RunSignUp Email system. We are happy to announce the following new features:

  • Draft Emails

  • Sent Emails

  • Improved List Management (Edit RSU settings, and APPEND to contact list)

  • Draft and Sent EmailsAbility to send to multiple lists in one send

Draft & Sent Email
When creating an email you can now save it as a draft. Also, all emails are now saved so that you can View Recipients, View the message, Send one like it (copy), and see other details (this will expand as more analytics are added).

Sent Emails


List ManagementImproved List Management
You can now access saved lists and edit those lists. You can now bring up a list and add other contacts into the list. The list can be a combination of participants in RunSignUp, uploaded lists, and individual information typed in. Note that we do not allow you to delete individuals from a list right now, but that will be coming later in February.

EMail FieldsMore Custom Fields
We have also added more custom fields like Giveaway Item, Event, Age and Registration Link. Registration Link is interesting because you can give runners an exact link to their registration.

And when you import lists, you can import them into data into these fields. For example if this is your first year using RunSignUp, you can export a list of your 5K and 10K runners and enter the Event Field during import (just make sure your CSV file has the column and what you want to call it). Then you can send an email to runners and it would appear to them like “Thanks for running the 10K in your Medium shirt last year Bob!” Pretty cool, although I am sure you can think of more practical emails…

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