What Will RunSignUp do with RaceJoy

RaceJoy IconHopefully make it successful – which means that over the next couple of years we crack 1 Million users. Here is our plan:

Introduce RaceJoy to RunSignUp races and timers. We hope that a number of them see the value in providing this service for their races and will promote the fact their race is “RaceJoy Enabled“.

RaceJoy GPS Timing Points. This is in the process of coming to market now. It gives the ability to set timing points on a course map (like mile markers and/or half way point) where each RaceJoy runner is recorded. This allows friends to see live GPS Splits.

New RaceJoy version including RunSignUp App. In the next several months we will introduce a new version of RaceJoy. It will contain a list of all RunSignUp races as well as other races we are able to access via an affiliate program like Active.com. There will be a native registration for RunSignUp races. Other races will open in a mobile browser window. The RunSignUp profile will also be synced. And finally we will offer support for Apple Pay and Google Wallet to speed checkout.

Better Map Building. We will be exposing more tools to create your course maps and accurate mark mile points for enabling Timing Splits over the next several months.

RaceJoy Progress Alerts System Integration into RunSignUp’s RD Go and Next Generation of The Race Director. There is a lot of overlapping and complimentary technology that we will be leveraging later this year as we build out RD Go for timers. This will bring together Gun, Chip and GPS timing in a common platform and enable advanced mechanisms for communicating with the RaceJoy mobile app.

RaceJoy has the ability to really improve the race experience.

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