Why RaceJoy?

RaceJoyMany people are asking why we acquired RaceJoy and are integrating them with RunSignUp. The answer is quite simple.

RaceJoy is Cool Technology!

And lots of people are going to use GPS tracking in races in the years to come.

Also, James Harris is a genius who writes great code 🙂

I guess that begs the question of why are people going to use GPS tracking, and what does that mean?

RaceJoy TrackingThere are two aspects of GPS mobile devices that over 30% of runners now carry during races (and more to come).  First is for runner tracking.  The biggest use of this is for spectators on the course to know their favorite runner’s (son/daughter/father/mother/friend) blue dot is getting close to their blue dot so they know when the cheer or where to find each other after the race.  

The second use is to add GPS timing to Gun and Chip Timing.  Each type of timing has a purpose and place (GPS timing will never replace chip timing because it is not accurate enough!).  GPS timing can give instantaneous updates on approximate time (within ~3 seconds) and place by using an innovative new technology being developed by RaceJoy called GPS Timing Points.  With this technology, a race director or timer can mark specific points on their course map that will report GPS time and pace.  For example, even a small 5K can mark their mile points and deliver GPS Progress Alerts with splits and pace to anyone tracking a RaceJoy runner, and (eventually when RD Go is fully integrated) show the GPS mile splits in their results.

These innovations will change what races and timers can deliver to their runners. There will be no cost to the race or timer to add this functionality. All we ask of them is to upload their map, mark their timing points and promote RaceJoy to their runners. Runners and spectators only pay $0.99 per race for GPS tracking and Timing Points.

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