Updated Financial Reports

Financial SummaryWe have done a refresh of our Financial Summary page as well as a number of the reports and spreadsheets that you can download. The result is a simpler and more consistent way to see your financial information and drill down on items you care about.

The Financial Summary page at the right has a new layout. We default to this year’s race, but you can select other years in the drop down, or you can select “Advanced Search” at the top right to select specific dates.

Next,we have moved the Payments to the top. The View Payments report has been updated (we review that below).

We have also moved the buttons for Detailed Summary and Show Summary by Race Date to the right above the Transaction summary table.

Detailed Summary ButtonDetailed Summary
This will give you an overview of the Transactions included in the race date range contained in the summary table. It is a great way to get a quick summary, and we now have links for most of the items like Coupons or Registrations that take you to the separate reports for those things directly. Here is a screenshot of a sample race:

Detailed Summary

If you download the Excel, it looks like this:

Detailed Summary

The Financial Account Number column is something that you can set up in case your race enters the details into a financial accounting system like Quickbooks. Read more here.

The smaller table on the upper right shows the amount in “Escrow”. These are essentially transactions that have not yet cleared thru the credit card networks for customers using Braintree Marketplace for payments.

Total Transactions GraphTransaction Breakdown Graphs
We also include an easy link on the Financial Summary page under the Transaction breakdown summary table. It provides a view by year of transaction volume as well as a Participant Count by month graph as shown below:

Year over Year Transaction Graph

Participant Year over Year by Month

Payments Report
The Payments report contains several new drill down reports. Note that it will appear slightly differently depending on your payment system – Manual, Braintree Direct, and Vantiv PayFac. Some are able to show specific transaction date ranges, but Braintree is not able to provide us with that information for example:

Payment Report

The PaymentID on the left column will show the specific payment. Some payment accounts have multiple races, so clicking on that link will show this report in this case with 2 races with their names hidden (again slightly differently depending on your Payment Account Type):

Payment Overview

The second link on the right of the main Payment Report “Race Payment Summary” shows the details for a specific payment for a specific race:

Race Payment Details

The View Race Transactions produces a list of all of the transactions included in the report:

Transactions within a Payment

You can also see the detailed transaction account balance by downloading the CSV of the transactions:

Transaction Journal

In summary, the new Financial System work we have been doing over the past several months has resulted in us being able to track and report in a much cleaner fashion for our customers.

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