Check-In App Beta Testing with 10,000 Person Races

Check In App SetupYou may have noticed a new feature in your RunSignup Race Day Go Dashboard to do Off-Line Check-In. This is currently in public beta – meaning anyone can use it, but you understand there are still changes going on and it is not fully functional or tested.

This past weekend, Blacklight Run and Night Nation were beta testers with each of their 10,000+ person races in new Orleans and Los Angeles. They both used the check-in on Netbooks with no printing (the current beta does not support printing). They both used the new system in parallel with their existing system in case of issues.

The feedback was very positive. The speed of check-in was much faster than their existing process, and there were virtually no lines at the Blacklight Run for the 6 new Check-in stations they were running with. The app was fast (< 3 seconds for lookup for the 10,000 participants), and check-in included the ability to see if the waiver was already signed and to mark if they signed a paper copy at the event. Combined with a high percentage of people bringing their confirmation bar codes, this allowed them to process several people per minute at each station.

We look forward to more feedback as we roll out the final features, but we are excited that there was success at such large races right away!

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