Check-In App Upgrade

RunSignUp Check-In App Chrome StoreWe released a new web version of the Check-In App today that improves performance significantly. We will be releasing a new version of the App to the Chrome Store on Monday. There are three areas of speed improvements:

  • Initial Sync. We were able to significantly improve the initial sync time with improved algorithms for doing the local database inserts.
  • Exact Search. We now do an Exact Search for the Registration ID as well as First or Last Names. These searches happen in under 1 second. The standard search is still available for when you do not have the exact spelling of a name, however for races with over 5,000 participants it can be slow especially on Windows based machines.
  • Check-In Delete DataDelete Data. This is important since you do not want to have old data from previous race check-ins since it will slow performance.
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