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EmailPartners (folks like Timers, Race Managers, Race Series, Running Stores, Running Clubs, etc.) now have access to all the powerful email marketing capabilities of our new Email Marketing system.

You are now able to create custom lists that span across all of your races. See our How To for more detailed information on the details of the EMail Marketing System.

The first thing you will need to do is set up your email account – these will be the parameters used to send the email on your behalf.

EMail Account

Now you can build lists and send emails to those lists.

Building a list is simple. Create a New List and enter a name for that race. Then select which races and the events of each race to include in your list. We only show this year and last year events. Note also that the list data is created dynamically. So you can create your list today, but if you send an email in a month with that list it will include the participants who have signed up over that month as well.

Also, the system automatically shows you this year and last year participants. If you create a list in 2015 and select all, it will include participants from 2015 and 2014. When you renew for your 2016 event, it will automatically move to the 2015 and 2016 events. You can of course go into Participant Reports and save off old lists and import them.

Partner EMail Lists

You can also add individual people or upload csv files:

Partner EMail List

Send EMail. When you send an email you can send it to all of your participants across all races, or one of the lists that you have created. Note that you can schedule your emails to send at any time. Again, any additional people that sign up for those races will be included in the email that is sent out.

Partner EMail Send

When you send there is a confirmation message that shows you how many people your message will be sent to.

Notes: First, emails do not send right away, but every few minutes. Second, the Partner Email does not have as many tags since tags are very race specific and would not work well across partners who have many races.

Here is the How To on the whole Email Marketing System:

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