SpectraShield Offers Free Tracking and Cheers at 26.2 with Donna!

Finishing Breast Cancer and Connecting Family and Friends.



RaceJoy’s live tracking and cheer experience was provided to all 26.2 with Donna race participants and their supporting families and friends courtesy of SpectraShield. An early adopter of the RaceJoy technology, the 26.2 with Donna helped fuel RaceJoy’s launch and continued growth to close to 200,000 downloads in more than 75 countries.  SpectraShield, a manhole and wastewater structure refurbisher and installer, sponsored RaceJoy to provide an innovative way for supporting spectators to encourage runners and walkers and share in their special race experience.


The 26.2 with Donna Marathon produced another world-class event this weekend, all to raise funds for groundbreaking research and to empower those living with breast cancer and a mission to finish breast cancer. The non-profit organization produces the only marathon event in the U.S. dedicated solely to raising funds to finish beast cancer and most race participants have been in some way impacted by breast cancer.


26.2 with Donna Marathon weekend offers a variety of courses, including a 110 Ultra, Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K, attracting over 7,500 runners and walkers. We had a great showing over the course of the weekend, with nearly 5,000 people using RaceJoy; way to FINISH IT!

Thanks to SpectraShield, people were treated to all of RaceJoy’s bells and whistles for free, including two forms of runner tracking, instant race results, audio cheers and convenient access to race information. The runner tracking included race-timed alerts as participants crossed timing points on the course and live, real-time GPS tracking on an interactive course map.

More than 1,100 runners and walkers took advantage of the live phone tracking option, allowing supporting family and friends to see exactly where they were on the course at any time during the race. Thousands tracked these amazing race participants from all over the country.

People also had a lot of fun using RaceJoy’s Send-a-Cheer feature with more than 5,500 cheers sent! Now that is some serious support! We even loaded some special Donna cheers.


RaceJoy issued 38,400 race timed progress alerts as runners and walkers crossed timing points on the course, which included pace and estimated finish time. Alerts also included updates on the number of manholes participants crossed over – in recognition of SpectraShield. The full marathoners ran across 461 manholes – some decorated in spirit of the 26.2 with Donna.


Many participants and spectators opted to automatically post their progress on Facebook and Twitter; more than 760 updates were posted!


These progress alerts were delivered by integrating with the race’s timing company, 1st Place Sports. This integration also allowed the immediate delivery of scored race results – available moments after crossing the finish line. No need to stand in long lines or huddle around a board at the 26.2 with Donna!

We had some great experiences interacting with race participants and their friends and family. It’s always fun talking to the runners, getting to know their personal stories and catching up with those we see year after year. Your steadfast courage and strength is truly inspirational for all of us.

Thank you, 26.2 with Donna race organizers and SpectraShield, for adopting innovation and including RaceJoy in the finish of breast cancer! You are doing great things and providing a positive experience that is changing lives. Congratulations to all the race participants on a great race weekend! You did it!


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