Sellout Race: Sample Communication with your Runners

When you are opening registration for a fast sellout race, we strongly encourage thorough communication with your potential runners to ensure a smooth registration process for them. This is a sample of an email communication you may want to send out (the specific parameters will vary depending on your event):

Hi runners,

It’s almost Go Time! Registration for the 2016 Awesome RunSignUp Race opens on 3/15/16 at 9:00am ET. The race has sold out in a few hours each of the last few years and we expect to sellout this year, as well. We have some advice to help you prepare for registration, and ensure that you can get through registration (and into the race!) quickly:

Registration Information

  • The link for registration will be:
  • Registration will be live precisely at 9:00am ET on 3/15. You may need to refresh your browser if you are on the page prior to 9:00am
  • Registration will cost $50/runner. You can register up to 2 people in your transaction; no duplicate entries allowed (they will be rejected).
  • Know where you are registering from! Some offices will have blocking software that can prevent reaching the registration webpage; ensure you have a computer or mobile device that can navigate to the registration page.

Prepare for Faster Registration

  • Before the 15th, make sure you have an account (and remember the password) on RunSignUp
  • Login to RunSignUp, and verify that all your profile information is correct (or correct it!)
  • From your RunSignUp profile, use the “Update Info” button to pre-set your preferences, including emergency contact info and your preferred t-shirt size. This will auto-populate these fields during your registration.
  • Have your credit card at hand! If you have recently registered for a race on RunSignUp, you may have chosen to save your credit card information, but it’s best to have the card information with you.

When we reach our registration cap, a waitlist will open. You can join the waitlist until 3/21/16 at 11:59pm. Registered runners who become injured or are otherwise unable to run will be able to transfer their registration to the next person on the waitlist for a $15 fee, at anytime prior to 5/15/16.

Good luck!

-The Awesome RunSignUp Race

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