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EmailWe are beginning the roll-out of Automated Emails. Since our Email system is tightly integrated with our database, it means we can do very interesting things in an automated fashion. The idea is that we want to provide a very easy way for race directors to enable automated emails for a variety of common functions when they set up their race and the emails just take care of themselves!

We are starting with two Automated Emails – Incomplete Registrations and RaceJoy. (Price Increase EMails have also been added!)

Incomplete Registration Email
Sometimes people come to your race page and start to sign up and then never complete. They get distracted, or they are on a phone and their connection is slow, or they are just trying to learn more about your race. We keep track of these in the Incomplete Registrations Report, which list contact info as well as the browser type:

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 7.02.37 PM

In the past you could download these, delete them and then send them emails to remind them to register or see if they had any issues.

The new Automated Email allows you to set this up once and it will take care of everything automatically for you. By default, we send them 3 days after the person has been to your registration page (we do not include people who come back and successfully register – one reason to wait a bit). We also make sure we do not send them out for events that are full, or if the incomplete registration happened close to the registration close date. The email goes out at 10AM in the morning:

Automated Incomplete Registration Email

You can add multiple intervals – perhaps send one 1 day after, another 3 days after and another 7 days after – each with a different message.

We give you a default message, but you can customize it. Remember that you can add tags to the email, and create your own Coupons – perhaps offering them $5 off – in the email. Here is the default setting:
Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 7.12.47 PM

RaceJoy Automated Email

Like the Incomplete Registration automated email, you can set up notifications for RaceJoy to your participants to be sent automatically. If your race is RaceJoy Ready, then this is automatically turned on with nice looking template emails that will be sent to your participants 5 days and 2 days before the race:

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 7.17.24 PM.png

You can edit the emails if you want (but make sure not to fool with the template layout – just the text).

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 7.18.21 PM.png

Once this is set up, you can just forget about it! We will be adding more Automated Emails in the future – let us know if you have ideas.

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