Trend Setters Reaping High Usage with Free Tracking

Races across the country are getting their races RaceJoy Ready so they can offer advanced runner tracking, GPS progress alerts at every mile and cheer sending on race day. Trend setters seeking to provide innovation for their events and reach a larger audience are choosing the buyout option and offering these features for free. As a result, they are gaining a high adoption from race participants and their supporting family and friends.


The more participants who use RaceJoy, the more supporting family and friends will also use RaceJoy. This increases your brand awareness and introduces your race to an increased number of spectators who could be potential participants next year! If you have a sponsor of RaceJoy, they in turn receive significant value by being promoted on multiple fronts with a highly engaged audience. See this recent blog as an example of sponsor promotion.

The 26.2 with Donna race offered RaceJoy’s tracking free this year and usage of these interactive features increased by 125%! This year’s race had more than 1,100 race participants use RaceJoy to be tracked via their phone during the race where last year there were just under 500 race participants who opted to pay the 99 cents for the live phone tracking. Couple this with an average of two people tracking a given runner and that means a very impressive growth in usage. In addition, the number of cheers sent increased by 149% with 2,220 cheers being issued in 2015 to 5,525 cheers this year.  Now, that is an engaged race audience!

Race organizers can choose to offer RaceJoy’s innovative experience by choosing one of the following options:

  1. Consumer Model: there is no charge to the race organizers – participants and spectators pay an in-app 99 cents fee per race.
  1. Buyout Option: the race organizers or sponsor purchase the buyout option to provide these features to participants and spectators at no cost to them.


Here is a break down of all that’s offered through both pricing options.chart

The buyout option is affordable enough for any race or sponsor to provide RaceJoy’s PhoneTrak features at their race. The buyout option provides the race/sponsor many promotion opportunities to increase awareness and to be prominently recognized for offering RaceJoy’s live phone tracking and cheers.


Check out all the races that are offering RaceJoy for free in the Featured Race area in RaceJoy!


You can easily get your race loaded into RaceJoy through RaceJoy’s Website or on your race’s RunSignUp dashboard. We require a two-week minimum load time, and you will need to load your electronic course map in GPX or KML format or build your own map using our Course Builder tools.

Note: RaceJoy usage rates vary depending on how much you promote the use of the app to your race participants. There is a Promotion Center with all the tools you need to spread the word.

Let’s change the race experience together!


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