More Replacements Tags for Emails

We have added a number of new Replacement Tags to the Email Marketing system: QR Code – %REGISTRATION_ID_QRCODE% Waiver Status – %WAIVER_STATUS% Packet Pickup Description – %PACKET_PICKUP_DESCRIPTION% Packet Pickup Location – %RACE_LOCATION_DESCRIPTION% Packet Pickup Date – %PACKET_PICKUP_DATE% Packet Pickup Time – %PACKET_PICKUP_TIME% Race Start Time – %RACE_START_TIME% : Will be replaced with the start time of the earliest event of the […]

RaceJoy On Water!

This weekend, RaceJoy will be used in a whole new way at the Essex River Race! This is the first water race event to use RaceJoy’s live tracking and we are excited to see RaceJoy being put to use in this way! Race organizers are trying out RaceJoy at the Essex River Race in preparation […]