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Help WantedThe more we develop, the more interesting projects we find! We are looking for another 10X developer to join our team and help create our next generation platform for the endurance industry.

The ideal candidate will be someone who loves to code and produce software that is used by millions of people who are running races and those people who help organize, time (and soon photograph) tens of thousands of events, in addition to helping running clubs and running stores. You will be working alongside some other very talented developers. We are not looking for someone who wants to be a Development Manager, or an Architect who does not code.

This position can best be described as an Application Developer. The initial focus on the applications will be to provide Marketing and Promotion capabilities to our customers. We are planning to develop a Marketing Dashboard which will allow race directors to track various events (price increases, emails, Facebook Ads, etc.) over a timeline and correlate those events with registrations. We also want to build a referral tracking system that is tightly integrated with our platform. Also part of the project is to provide direct advertising capabilities that our customers could control within their race dashboard. For example, they could allocate $X (automatically held out of the race fees if they want) to spend on Facebook Ads the 2 days before a race price increase and we would place and automatically manage the ad by auto-changing the spend based on ROAS (so we would also be tracking conversions, etc.). In effect we would become an automated marketing agency with marketing management capabilities. We also would develop powerful tools for race directors and race management companies to control this themselves. In addition to this large project, we continue to provide incremental improvements to the core platform and discover new projects.

Our software technology platform is made up of the following:

  • AWS and many of their services like SQS, SES, SNS, and more recently Lambda.
  • Core platform is PHP, memcached, MySQL and Linux.
  • We have several mobile apps using Ionic and Angular.

We are a very fast moving team, where we give broad responsibility to a developer to get projects done by breaking them into small tasks with frequent releases. We also dedicate 20% of our time to making small incremental improvements that might only take an hour or two to complete that we receive from customers. Last year we made over 2,000 deployments – so we are strong supporters of Continuous Deployment.

We also highly value technology and understand it is the very core of what we offer our customers. We believe having a few of the very best developers is much better than having huge teams.

We are looking for someone who fits our culture.  Our guiding principles are to have equal parts of Work, Learn, Fun, and Team.  We believe that customers, employees and owners all share equally in the responsibility and success of the company.  This is covered in more detail in our About link below.  Please review our material to make sure this is the right type of place for you, such as:

Some of the key attributes we are looking for (we will look for the best mix):

  • Exceptional software development skills
  • Ability to code and deliver your own projects in such a way they work with the entire system and other development projects (we do not have large teams working on each project – we break things into small projects)
  • Ability to code the entire project – from database to application logic to user interface
  • Ability to listen to what customers need and provide solutions based on their needs
  • Running/endurance sports roots and enthusiasm for active lifestyle
  • High energy, hands-on, ability to complete full lifecycle development
  • Gets stuff done rather than just talk about stuff
  • Attention to detail and ability to complete tasks in a high volume environment
  • Thirst for learning
  • Team player who acts with personal integrity and treats others with respect

The very competitive salary is depending on experience and current compensation.  In addition, the company has a generous profit sharing plan that funds bonuses for all of our employees.  Health insurance is company paid and includes a $2,000 HSA contribution by the company.  The company also has a Simple IRA and matches up to 3% of an employee’s salary as a matching contribution.

If you think you can help and want to join our dynamic, fun, growing company please send a resume to bob.bickel at

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