Registration and Your Runners

Working for a registration company is an interesting business: most of the time, runners only know we exist when something goes wrong. In general, when I’m asked to explain RunSignUp, the response I get is “there’s a whole company for that?Computer

Yes. There are many companies for that, and runners really are starting to notice the differences.

Earlier this year, we put some time into creating a faster, mobile friendly registration process to increase completion rates and help runners register quickly for races with fast sell outs.

Chatting with some friends about a race they had just completed, they (unprompted) had this commentary:

Friend 1: “They used RunSignUp, right? I love it, now that a lot of races are using it, it’s so easy. When I’m on my computer, I pretty much just click on my name and all my information is already there”.

Friend 2: “I love RunSignUp. I love that they save my credit card and all I have to do is enter the cvv. That’s how I registered for the Philly 10K [a sellout event] so quickly.”

It has been really cool to see our progress over the last few years:

  • We’ve reached a tipping point in some areas (this was in the Philadelphia area) where there are enough local races using RunSignUp that high-frequency racers are reaping the benefits of having saved profile information.
  • Our technology has progressed to the point that is noticeable that the registration process is easier than expected.

This technology isn’t just for fun: it’s functional, and runners are starting to notice!

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