RaceDay Scoring – Participant Editing

rdgo_scoringWe are happy to release the first step of RaceDay Scoring, our cloud and mobile based scoring solution that will be rolling out this year. Timers and Race Directors are now able to edit participant information without impacting the participant’s RunSignUp Profile or the information in other races.

Here is an explanation of what happens:

  1. Participant Signs up for a race. That information that is entered is their Profile information and belongs to the User.
  2. A copy of that information is now stored with the Race. We call that the Race User information.
  3. The Race Director and Timer can now change that information independent of the Participant’s core Profile – or affecting information in other races.
  4. If the Participant updates their core Profile information, it does not affect the Race User information.

This gives Race Directors and Timers the type of control they need, without impacting the participants private information. We will be adding other conveniences that make things simpler for Timers especially on race morning during the heat of moment – changing Age or Gender or Event (from Full to Half Marathon for example).

Remember, Participants editing their information will NOT change the information in any races that they have already registered for. If they need information updated for races they have already registered for, they will need to contact the race directly.

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