RunSignUp January Newsletter

January’s Top News We announced a new partnership, the first of its kind, between RunSignUp, ChronoTrack, and Athlinks: The companies will work to tightly integrate their solutions, providing an open platform for customers to select the right components for them, and new pricing and packaging bundles that will provide significant benefits for participants, race directors, and timers. […]

Bug fixes – Copy Multi-Event Participant Caps and Loyalty Program

We had a bug if you copy a race that has multi-event participant caps- the multi-event caps settings copy over, but the participant cap number is removed.  This is now fixed. There was also a big when you adjust the setting and subsequently try to copy over to other events, the Priority Only Registration Ends […]

Manually Add Referral Codes to Registrations

You can now add Referral Codes to Registrations. This happens when you get called up by a participant who says they referred a friend (although the friend did not click on the referral link so the system would automatically catch it) and you still want to give them credit for it. Go to the Promotion […]

Payment Account Upgrade on Race Renewal

For those races that use our Quick Start (Check) payment account to receive registration proceeds we will now require you to upgrade to an Advanced Payment account at the time of your next race renewal. If you are using a Quick Start (Check) payment account you will receive this message when you renew your race. […]

ChronoTrack RunSignup Partnership Explained

We are at the ChronoTrack Conference this week presenting with ChronoTrack on the meaning of this new partnership. Here is what we are presenting and discussing. There are several strategic reasons for this partnership: Allow customer choice with an open approach – picking the technology they want to use Integrate the data so it is shared […]

Saved Credit Stats

Fast registration is something every race should strive for. One of the features we offer is for participants to save their credit card information securely. Here are the latest stats from January, 2017: 11.1% of participants save their credit card 10.3% of participants have registered this month with their previously saved card This is another […]

RaceDay Scoring – Participant Editing

We are happy to release the first step of RaceDay Scoring, our cloud and mobile based scoring solution that will be rolling out this year. Timers and Race Directors are now able to edit participant information without impacting the participant’s RunSignUp Profile or the information in other races. Here is an explanation of what happens: […]

Eric Cone Joins RunSignUp

Moorestown, NJ – Eric Cone has joined RunSignUp as VP of Strategic Business Development. In this role, Eric will be helping with strategic directions for the overall business, as well as working with some of RunSignUp’s strategic clients and business partners. “We are very fortunate to have Eric’s deep industry knowledge and solid technology background […]

USATriathlon Membership Delay Explanation

USATriathlon has an 8 hour delay built into their membership data. This means if an triathlete signs up for a membership on the USATriathlon site, it will take 8 hours until their membership number is available in other applications. This can cause frustration on the part of some triathletes who may be trying to sign […]

ChronoTrack – RunSignUp: The Open Example

One of the most interesting aspects of the recent ChronoTrack-Athlinks-RunSignUp announcement is it is built on an open foundation. The companies are collaborating to allow their mutual customers choice in meeting their race needs. This means timers and their races will be able to mix-and-match what fits them best. One of the most frequent comments […]

RaceJoy Debuts Race Calendar Release

Industry’s Leading Race Day Tracking App Announces Race Search Tool RunSignUp’s RaceJoy announces its newest release of RaceJoy, the leading real-time tracking app for running and cycling events. RaceJoy’s new version now offers runners and cyclists with a convenient race calendar of upcoming events. All race events that use RunSignUp’s registration services will automatically appear […]

Joint Press Release: Partnership Announced between ChronoTrack, Athlinks, and RunSignUp

Louisville, CO & Moorestown, NJ – ChronoTrack, Athlinks and RunSignUp have jointly announced a new partnership, the first of its kind.  ChronoTrack is the world’s largest provider of timing hardware, software, and scoring technology, serving over 13 million athletes globally and 25 of the 30 largest races in the USA.  Athlinks is the world’s largest […]

RunSignUp Certified PCI Level 1

Moorestown, NJ – RunSignUp has received a PCI Level 1 Attestation of Compliance for Onsite Assessments as a Service Provider. As a Payment Facilitator, RunSignUp had hit the volume of processing that required us to move from a self assessment to a third party Qualified Service Provider doing onsite reviews as well as independent scanning and […]

Winter/Spring Endurance Event Education Webinar Series Now Available

The Winter/Spring 2017 edition of our Endurance Event Education Webinar series is now available for registration here: The webinar series is made up of three levels of webinars: RunSignUp 101: RunSignUp basics for race directors new to the system. RunSignUp 201: Detailed Training Sessions on specific RunSignUp features. RunSignUp 301: New feature releases and advanced […]

More Ad Marketing Conversion Codes

We have added some new marketing ad conversion codes: Microsoft Bing MLive Tracking Shop Socially Townsquare Media The current full list is on the right. If you have one that you use, let us know and we can add it. If you don’t do web marketing yet, please consider using one of the ones we […]

Volunteer List in EMail Marketing

We have added Volunteers as a simple list in EMail Marketing. This makes it simple to include Volunteers on emails, or to use the EMail marketing system to communicate directly with them. They appear in both the Send Email quick pick list, as well as when building custom lists. Since it shows each Task, you […]

RaceJoy’s Monitoring System Now with Participant Replay

Released for Race Day Event Management RunSignUp’s RaceJoy, an industry leading mobile application for running, cycling and triathlon events, announces Participant Replay as part of its Race Day Monitoring system. This new feature gives race organizers and timers the ability to replay the exact path of those participants using RaceJoy’s GPS tracking on race day. […]

RunSignUp Ushers in 2017 – The Year of Free Race Photos

Moorestown, NJ – RunSignUp announces the release of RaceDay Photos, the free race photo platform effective immediately. The system has been in beta since the summer, with hundreds of thousands of photos uploaded by hundreds of races. Suggestions made by beta-testing customers have helped shape the product. “Having a free, simple platform for race day […]

Charity Description Placement Options

We now give Fundraising Races an option of where the place the description of the charity on the donation page. By default if there are a number of Donation Levels, we put the description below the levels to make sure those “action Buttons” are “above the fold”. We now give you an option to move […]

Mobile Race Website Header Option

We have added an option that removes the automatic race name that appears on a race website when in mobile view. For example, the website looks like this: The “Scott Coffee Moorestown Rotary 8K Race” is the race name the system automatically puts on each race website in full view mode. That can now be […]

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Race Directors using RunSignUp

Instead of losing 10 pounds and gaining it back by April, how about making a New Year’s Resolution to improve your race using some ideas you may not have tried before in RunSignUp: More Participants Referral Rewards. Give your participants a reason to get their friends to come to your race – CA$H! On average, […]