Payment Account Upgrade on Race Renewal

For those races that use our Quick Start (Check) payment account to receive registration proceeds we will now require you to upgrade to an Advanced Payment account at the time of your next race renewal. If you are using a Quick Start (Check) payment account you will receive this message when you renew your race.


You will be able to set up a new Advanced Payment account at that time or choose to use an existing Advanced Payment account if you have already one set up. We will make the upgrade process as painless as possible by pre-filling the new Advanced Payment account form with your existing account information. You will just need to verify the information and fill in any additional information, such as a Tax ID or EIN number for entities, which is required for the new account. You can elect to continue to receive checks or upgrade to ACH payments from the Advanced Payment account. Participants will be able to register for your renewed events but race payments will be held until the new account is set up.

Many of our Quick Start (Check) payment accounts were set up years ago. We are taking this step to improve compliance with credit card industry rules, verify that all of the information on your payment account is accurate and upgrade you to an Advanced payment account. Advanced payment accounts offer a number of features which are not available on the Quick Start accounts such as a 4% fee on donations, better settlement timing on Amex transactions and up to daily payments.

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