ChronoTrack RunSignup Partnership Explained

We are at the ChronoTrack Conference this week presenting with ChronoTrack on the meaning of this new partnership. Here is what we are presenting and discussing.

There are several strategic reasons for this partnership:

  • Allow customer choice with an open approach – picking the technology they want to use
  • Integrate the data so it is shared easily between applications
  • Introduce new business model with lower price bundles of chips and registration


This is the part we are most excited about, as it brings technology solutions to participants, race directors and timers to make their lives better. And the best part is we give an Open Solution, where customers have full flexibility to choose what pieces and parts you want to use.

Specifically, here are the integrations that will roll out over the next 2-6 months:

Athlinks-RunSignUp Profile Syncing – This has lots of variations. Here are some examples:

  • Login to RunSignUp with Athlinks account
  • Link RunSignUp Profile to Athlinks Profile
  • Do historical athlete data lookup to validate times for corral assignment
  • Show Athlinks historical data in Profile
  • Set Facebook or TXT sharing options for CT Live during a RunSignUp registration

Uploading The Race Director or RunSignUp Results to Athlinks – This will make it simple to push a button or set up auto-upload of results to Athlinks.

Show Athlinks Results in RunSignUp Race Websites – easily replace RunSignUp Results with Athlinks/CT Live results in race websites.

RunSignUp Events on Athlinks – Athlinks new website that is coming will have a more comprehensive list of races, and all of the RunSignUp races will appear on this list with a consistent looking Event Page.

Participant Syncing – This is what will save timers the most time and reduce errors. If a race uses RunSignUp for registration and CT Live/Athlinks for scoring and results the additions and changes made on either side will sync. This gives customers a lot of choice to mix and match. Use The Race Director or RunScore for scoring and since those sync data with RunSignUp, then use Athlinks Launch of CT Live Race Day kiosks or apps to check-in people.

Since ChronoTrack/Athlinks and RunSignUp have a number of comparable product offerings for race day, this opens up the option for customers to use what they want and not be locked into a specific vendor for any part of their full solution stack.

Integration Timeline

These integrations will be available on a rolling basis over the next 2-6 months. Based on customer feedback, we will look for more opportunities to collaborate.

Chip Bundle

ChronoTrack has worked with RunSignUp to offer a chip bundled with registration. The basic idea is that the bundle will change the standard RunSignUp Processing fee to:
$0.50 per participant + standard RSU Processing Fee.

Timers who are RunSignUp Partners receive a 20% revenue share, and continue to receive that under this program. Plus they will receive credit for each participant to buy B-Tags for only $0.35. (Timers who are not RunSignUp Partners can join the program and if they do not qualify due to being less than 5,000 registrations per year can still use the bundle pricing for low priced chips, but would not receive the 20% RunSignUp revenue share. Please contact RunSignUp for further explanations on this.)

Timers need to contact their RunSignUp rep to turn on this option. Once turned on, you will see the ability to select the ChronoTrack pricing on your Partner Dashboard race list on a per race basis:

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 12.21.51 PM.png

When turned on, the processing fee will be set to:

  • $0.50 + Standard RSU Pricing.

Let’s take an example:

  • $50 race fee
  • Processing Fee = $0.50 + $3.00 = $3.50
  • Timer Revenue Share = $0.60 from RSU
  • Timer Chip Credit = $0.35 for chips

This compares very favorably to alternatives for races. For example Active’s Processing fee is $1.25 + 6.75%, which in this case = $4.62 – or $1.12 savings with RunSignUp – with a $0.35 chip.

Partners still have flexibility over their processing fees, and still keep any excess money from those.

Finally, you will be able to keep track of your finances in your Partner Dashboard under Account -> Super Partner -> Finances:

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 12.54.39 PM.png

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